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thydyingbride's Journal

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'Ok now pay attention children, class is now in session..'

Hi I'm Alistair, I'm a sometimes odd guy from Nottingham who has a relatively good and sometimes different sense of humour and likes to sit in front of a computer a lot (though I have on *rare* occasions been known to venture Outside (TM), although the photographic evidence is limited). If you happen to see me on such limited occasions, you can say hi and I will attempt to partake in some sort of conversation, although I don't expect a lot as I not one for long-winded banter, I mostly listen.

There are some instances when I might not talk to you at all, this is probably because I don't know you and/or don't have a lot to say to you. You may find it slightly rude but please don't be offended if this is the case- it is nothing personal, it is just sometimes easier just to keep quiet. if you say something to me however I will not ignore you!

'Ok children, thus endeth the lesson here...'
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